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Bright Ale

4.4% ABV   18IBU

Brewed in response to summer in the Catchment, Bright Ale exudes fresh hop aromas and flavours of citrus and tropical fruits. The light to medium body provided by pale Aussie and German malts is balanced with just enough bitterness to keep it refreshing and restorative.

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Our Beer Bright Ale Label
Our Beer Pale Select Label

Pale Select

4.7% ABV   30IBU

Pale Select is a pale copper-colour and bursts with fresh orange, resin and lychee aromas. German specialty malts and Australian base malt balance the moderate hop bitterness and round out the flavour and finish. A special brew indeed.

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The 500 IPA

6.1% ABV   60IBU

Hops, glorious hops. Delicious, rich barley malt barley contains the firm hop bitterness that sends you back for another sip, and another, and another. The 500 IPA showcases US and Australian hop varieties and favours balance over shock factor.

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Our Beer The 500 IPA Label
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Special Releases

One of beer’s greatest qualities is the staggering variety of possible colours, textures, tastes and aromas. Our core range reflects the kind of beers we like to drink on a regular basis, but our reason for being is that we’re not content with just a few choices when it comes to beer. Our small brewery means making beer is a lot of hands-on, hard work, but it also allows us to experiment and craft small, one-off batches that change with the seasons, our imagination and the demand from our customers. Drop into The Catchment to see what we’ve been up to!

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